Limited Liability Limited Partnership Offerings

PURPOSE:     Acquisition and long-term positions in Office, Medical Office, Office/Retail and Industrial Properties having the potential, with appropriate modifications, of substantial increase in cash flow and corresponding equity increases.

STRUCTURE: The structure of this entity will be a Limited Liability Limited Partnership consisting of a Limited partner and a General partner. As the General partner, we will act in the capacity of and be responsible for the daily operations of the partnership, management of the properties, leasing of vacant space, loan origination and representative broker for the acquisition and disposition of the properties of the partnership.

PROPERTY: The knowledge base of the managing partner, the prevailing market conditions and the relationships as established with current building owners and owner/users, allow for the acquisition of properties that are generally free standing, single ownership, office type properties in an undervalued condition resulting from low rents, deferred conditions of maintenance, dated and have suffered from general property neglect. Our improvements to the physical condition of the property as the service repair, the tenant mix, increasing cash flow and the application where feasible of Green technology allow for value addition and stability.

To find out more about our current opportunities to invest, contact Michael Bittner at 303-442-6565.